July 22

5 Reasons to Study Java Coding


Whether you are a student in the responsible stage of choosing the specialization and consider coding one of the possible options, the primary choice is the programming language to learn. Hence, there are hundreds of coding languages nowadays; it is not easy to figure out which one is the best for your purposes. More and more students who decide to build a career in informational technologies and web development choose Java as the first language to study. Read the article below to learn why learning Java is a great idea, even for a beginner.

What is Java?

Java is among the most popular programming languages widespread in many spheres. Some people consider Java the most popular coding language in the world. Java has been used for about thirty years now. The legacy code base of Java and its source code collection are enormous. Many programmers use Java, and many people wish to study this coding area to build a successful career.

Loads of job opportunities

The popularity of Java makes it very easy to seek a job when you are a knowledgeable specialist. Assuming that an enormous amount of software runs on Java, including applications on Android, it is not hard to predict the growth of the Java community. Specialists with knowledge of Java can count on employment in the world’s biggest companies that use this coding language and software created with its help. Java enterprises include Netflix, Google, Facebook, and other tech giants.

Java has a vast community

The community of Java programmers is one of the strongest and most vast in the world. Thanks to numerous users of Java, you will never be left alone with your coding issues. No matter how big the challenge is, you will find a skilled Java code helper on one of the forums without a problem. Massive support from the community is among the factors that make Java one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is easy to find loads of free tutorials within the Java community and gain additional knowledge without spending a lot.

You can start with the basics

Many beginners consider Java too challenging to learn as a first programming language. However, getting deep knowledge of some aspects of Java is impossible to imagine without many hours of studying and practicing. It still can be beginner friendly. If you compare Java to coding languages known as ‘easy-to-learn,’ you will see no significant difference in its general capabilities compared to Python. At the same time. If one wishes to learn the most complex Java concepts like arrays, he or she must start from the fundamentals.

Object-oriented language

As an object-oriented coding language, Java is different from other popular programming languages, such as Python. The main advantage of Java as a high-level coding language is that it is mainly used to create concrete objects (data), not to create functions. Java lets you store information in objects (bits). Such properties make Java universal and available on different systems. Java cab quickly runs almost any device thanks to being an object-oriented programming language.

Learning Java is affordable

Studying java does not require much investment, making this language very accessible. For example, suppose you wish to find out whether Java works for you. In that case, you can search for free courses online (however, free learning will not let you receive a certificate as usually one must be paid for the certificate additionally). Moreover, Java courses for beginners do not last long. In four-five week, you can learn how to write simple code, create your first program, and manage data with the help of Java.

Wrap Up

Suppose you are considering choosing Java to learn it as your first coding language or are interested in widening your horizons as a successful programmer. In that case, you will benefit from learning Java. Knowledgeable coders with a Java certification are in high demand because of the popularity of this programming language. Java specialists are wanted by the biggest world-known companies, such as Facebook and Google. The vast community of coders makes learning Java easy and gives access to many free tutorials and online courses. One does not have to spend a lot to learn Java, as it is affordable. Java is a good choice for beginners as it has a different level of difficulty. One of the advantages of Java is that it is an object-oriented language. We hope that you found our article helpful!





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