August 11

Blockchain Games – Everything You Should Know About It


In the last few years, ‘Crypto’ and ‘Blockchain’ are really creating a buzz. Technology has many things to consider at a time, and we are surrounded by technology in almost every aspect of life.


There is nothing more exciting than using advanced technology for us. We love to be in the technological revolution, and we are enjoying its essence in our daily life. Technology has helped us with the discovery of Blockchain.


In addition, Blockchain invented Bitcoin in 2009, and since then, people have been using Cryptocurrency with ease. We know that the market is too volatile, but still, it’s constantly gaining a larger audience base.


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However, this article is concerned with Blockchain gaming. The buzz of Blockchain is not limited to the transaction process and trading but also acquiring the area of gaming gradually.

What Are Blockchain Games?

The hype is at its best, and thus we need to know why the buzz is so heavy and what Blockchain games are.


Blockchain is mainly used for the transaction process, which is secure and keeps all the records safe. Its distributed ledger helps the transaction process become anonymous and increases the efficiency of any transaction or trading.


This technology is now gradually entering the gaming industry. It is overtaking the concept of business and NFTs in the gaming sectors. Players can now easily use the in-game assets to make real money.


Isn’t that exciting?


In addition, players can trade and earn money while playing games. It seems to be very exciting for new and old gamers. For instance, Axie Infinity has many gamers around the globe who are efficiently using Cryptocurrency in their gaming process.


So, the investors are also pouring money into the gaming industry to make the Blockchain gaming process more suitable for gamers. The investors have already poured £ 2.05 billion in the first quarter of 2022 into this industry.

How Are Blockchain Games Impacting The Gaming Sector?

Once we have a general concept of Blockchain gaming, you might find it interesting to know something more specific about the impacts of Blockchain in this industry. We have many things to consider with Blockchain while playing games within its circle.


When we talk about the Blockchain process, we have to talk about NFTs as well. Non-fungible tokens are easy to use and are immutable, and thus more secure than ever.

1. Transparency

Blockchain ensures a transparent process to increase confidence in the games by reducing fraudulent activities. There are so many instances where you can use your personal information with the fear of losing things in particular.

2. Earning Real-Life Rewards

The real-life rewards are like a dream to traditional gamers. With the Blockchain gaming process, you will be able to acquire NFTs by winning games. With those NFTs, you will have the chance to ensure the transaction to real-world money through Crypto exchanges.

3. Security

When you think about Blockchain, the key feature will also come to mind- security. This is a distributed ledger where the transaction details will be available to all who want to know, but the user information will not be there.


So the security is tight and almost unbreakable for Blockchain gamers.

4. User Experience

The user experience is very crucial for gaming purposes; otherwise, the companies will face losses due to user dissatisfaction. Blockchain games will allow you to consider in-game aspects to be your own permanently. The immutable nature of NFTs will ensure your ownership.

5. Verification And Authenticity

One of the most crucial benefits of Blockchain is its verification while you purchase or sell something. No matter which consumer you are, it is going to ensure your identity and make sure that the authentication process is there.


With NFTs, your transactions are secure, and all your transactions will be verified and authenticated.

Top Blockchain Games To Play 

Blockchain games are there to stay, and it is probably the future of the gaming industry. The gamers are using this process and enjoying this process. We know that it is not spread widely, but in this fast-paced internet-based world, it will not take time to get into such a position.


For your reference, a few Blockchain-based games are Decentraland, Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, The Last Will, CryptoKitties, et cetera.


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