July 3

Create a cosy glow in your outdoor space with these lighting ideas


Summer is here and there’s obviously going to be excessive use of your outdoor space, especially post dusk. Now, you have to be ready for all your long evenings this season. Going forward, you not only have to think about making your outdoor space functional but look at a few other factors like enhancing the aesthetic value of the space and increasing the security of your deck or yard if you’re going to be using it pretty late in the nights.


Not many people believe in organising the lighting layout and that’s the first mistake they do. Your outdoor lighting layout requires as much attention, if not more, as you give to your interior lighting layout. Your outdoor lighting space contributes equally to the aura of your living space. Now, don’t sweat it out as we bring the finest lighting ideas to transform your outdoor space beyond your imagination.


  1. Begin with creating a warm ambience in your space 


Whenever it comes to planning the lighting layout of your outdoor space, you have to create a warm ambience as it will be instrumental to enhance the aesthetics of your space. While there are some restrictions to what you can do with your ambience in your interior, you can take liberty with all the lighting designs to come up with the best possible layout for your space. You can go with hanging lights including chandeliers, pendant lights, or ceiling lights if you have a sturdy structure to flaunt these beauties.


  1. Enhance the functionality of the space  


There are multiple options to accentuate the functionality of your space when it comes to interior space. But when it comes to your outdoor spaces, your options might be limited depending on the build of the space and how compatible the lighting designs are in the space. However, one element that you can never go wrong with is a wall light. Wall lights not only add a distinct flair to your living space but also create stunning focal points that can be used to highlight the space and add functionality to the space too. It’s not really difficult to find these lighting designs as you can find the finest outdoor wall lights in India online now.


  1. Creating highlights in your space 


While highlighting the alluring features of your outdoor space like the tree, treeline, rocks, water bodies or anything else is good for the aesthetics of the place, highlighting your driveways, pathways or staircases adds a sense of security to the space and makes it much more safer for use in night times. You can go with fixtures like string lights, LED strips or outdoor accent lighting for this purpose and these fixtures can easily be found in any online lighting stores.



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