August 29

How is Jaipur the Best City to Experience Culture & Traditions?


The pink city of India stands proud with its forts and stupendous palaces. The rich culture and heritage of the city make it one of the most attractive tourist places in India. Their traditions and culture give a great experience for the spectators. As the city magically combines modern and traditional Indian culture. This article takes you through various phases of Jaipur. If you have Jaipur on your travel bucket list, read the article to add more reasons to it.

Why is it called a pink city?

Jaipur is known for its architecture and mesmerizing palaces. The palaces speak of the highness of the heritage. The majority of the buildings across Jaipur are built with pink sandstones. The architectural designs are mesmerizing and highlight pink majorly.

Pink was considered the color for hospitality in the early years. They relate the pink color to hospitality with royalty. Thus they maintain color codes throughout the city to show their inclination toward their culture.

The festivals and fairs:

Jaipur is known for its fairs and festivals. The community festivals and the displays make a beautiful visual treat for the visitors. Tourists and residents enjoy shopping across the city. As mentioned already, the city is known for the right blend of technology and culture. You can shop for anything related to the culture, dye clothing, handicraft emporiums, or high-tech gadgets.

The Jaipur literature festival brings avid readers together and aims to celebrate the literary world. The festival happens at the Diggi palace hotel. The festival focuses on long-hour events. They include book signings, personal interaction with the authors, and several intellectual events.

Shop the artworks:

If you are fond of arts and crafts, you would love to be in Jaipur. Art forms are not limited to pots, textiles, shoes, and accessories. Jaipur gives more importance to street circuses, folk dance, and devotional songs. The Ghoomar dance, widely known, is performed with sarangi, which is a short-necked musical instrument.

You will be amazed by their paintings and artistry works and how they have evolved. The market now is showcasing modernized paintings and ancient paintings that speak desi-culture. Jaipur is known for their artistic works, they show their skill in wall hangings, home decors, and anything they find interesting.

You can find beautiful arts across bedspreads, scarfs, wooden beds, furniture, and everything to home decor! If you are looking for a Double bed in Jaipur, investigate the material used. The wooden bed is manufactured in Jaipur and is known for the wood used and storage options.

Food and cuisines:

Jaipur is also known well for its variety of food. Rajasthan food is filled with cow ghee and includes healthy lentils. Vegetarian food includes several types of Rotis made of various grains and lentils. The people never get tired of rolling Rotis any time of the day. Rotis and sweets like Ghevar and Gajak are so intricate in making and are considered top-exported food from India.

Several homes still follow the traditional cooking methods in their home. People are also slowly transforming towards Microwave in Jaipur. Even so, the food culture remains in every nook of the city.


Jaipur is the best place to shop for things for your home. If you are revamping your house, consider shopping in Jaipur. Intricate designs, style, and cultural ambiance across everything make the items unique.


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