July 22

Returning from an International Trip and Recovering from Montezuma Revenge


There is a good chance you have heard of Montezuma’s revenge. It is also called traveler’s diarrhea, and it refers to the symptoms that occur when someone eats or drinks something contaminated. This condition occurs most often in those who visit third-world countries, although it technically can happen anywhere.

Common symptoms of Montezuma’s revenge include diarrhea, painful bloating, gas, nausea, cramps, bloody stool, and fever. If you are ever the victim of traveler’s diarrhea, you may be wondering how to cure Montezuma’s revenge naturally. The good news is that it usually goes away in three or four days, and there are things you can do to quicken recovery.

Replace the Salts and Liquids Lost

With all the vomit and diarrhea that is exiting your body, you become dehydrated very quickly. This can lead to more serious medical issues, so the first priority needs to be to replace not only the liquids, but also the electrolytes, that are missing from your body. Unfortunately, bottled water is not enough, as it does not contain salts and other electrolytes.

Most pharmacies have oral rehydration solutions, which you just add to bottled water. In a pinch, you can pour regular table salt into water and ingest. Coconut water is also a good option. Stay away from sugary fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, and sodas, as they contain sugar and can lead to more dehydration.

Young kids and babies are particularly susceptible to dehydration, so make sure they are getting enough clear liquids with electrolytes. Seek emergency treatment if there are symptoms such as dry mouth, no tears with crying, fever of more than 102, sunken eyes, and confusion.

Replenish Your Body with the Correct Nutrients

Once you begin to feel better, you need to replenish your body with healthy foods so that it can begin to build up the nutrients lost from the diarrhea. If you are still on your trip, you want to be aware of what you eat so you do not get sick again. Plain yogurt is easy to get down, and it provides the body with protein. Fruits and vegetables contain numerous vitamins and minerals that your body needs to recover, but buy unpeeled ones and use filtered or bottled water to wash the outside before peeling. Soup and broths are also good to take.

If you are having a hard time keeping things down, and you are still suffering from some dehydration, drinking something may help. Read Detoxify xxtra clean how to use, as this herbal cleanse will not only help hydrate you, but it also helps the body eliminate any leftover toxins.

Help the Body Rid Itself of the Toxins

As you are suffering through Montezuma’s revenge, you may benefit from a┬áDetoxify detox drink. This helps the body flush out toxins from all sources, including contaminated food and water. Taking this should speed up toxin elimination, which will help you feel better quicker. It forces you to drink lots of water, which further helps hydrate you, and it also replenishes the body with minerals and vitamins.


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