July 13

The Role of Data and Statistics in Football Betting


Data models and statistics are implemented at all levels in any sports betting market, and football is no different. Professional managers use them to dissect a team’s performance and where they need to improve and they’re used by television analysts looking to pick holes or understand why a team is playing so well. If you’re a football fan, you’ll be aware of how other fans use statistics and data to try and justify the inclusion or exclusion of a player in the squad. For fans who enjoy placing a football bet, leveraging statics and data about a team or player is crucial in making an informed decision.


If you’re betting on the most popular leagues in the world, like the Premier League, there’s much more to understand than simply how good a team looks on paper. Undoubtedly, this plays a significant role, but if all games were won on paper, there would be a betting formula or strategy that actually works and, at the moment, there isn’t. Identifying areas of Premier League betting markets where value might present itself is rare. Still, if you know what you’re looking for, with the help of data and statistics you might have a better chance of getting a reasonable price for your bet.

Individual Player Statistics

In today’s world of 24/7 football betting, the most prominent markets will allow you to bet on whether a player will score, how many they will score, or if they will get booked or sent off. Statistics can help dissect some potential outcomes on the pitch and, while they’re not guaranteed, they can give you a solid indicator.


Harry Kane is among the best strikers who have ever graced English football. Currently, he sits in second place in the all-time top scorer chart behind Alan Shearer. If Kane stays in England, he will no doubt break this record┬żbut he will likely join a European giant this summer. Due to his incredible record, Kane has scored against every Premier League team he has played against, but he has scored more against some than others.


For instance, Kane has scored 18 times against Leicester City. He scored his first-ever career hat trick against the midlands side. Although they have been relegated from the Premier League, they’ll be happy about no longer having to face a man who seemingly scores against them every time they face each other.


A goalscoring market for Harry Kane isn’t exactly an undiscovered marketplace. However, breaking down the statistics and seeing that he scores against Leicester more than any other team might be a good indicator if you’re looking to place a bet on him to score. Likewise, if there’s a team he has scored the fewest goals against, it might be a good idea to examine the odds of another player scoring first.

Team Statistics and Data

While breaking down individual statistics isn’t always a foolproof mechanism, it is a wiser move than simply going into your football bet without any prior research or betting on football leagues that you don’t fully understand. The beauty of the Internet is that it has brought many companies we would usually have to look for right to the palms of our hands through the power of digital advertising.


Therefore, if you want to use your smartphone to place a bet but also want to ensure you find all the necessary information required before you do so, it’s never been easier to find swathes of statistics and data and leverage them for your bet. Usually, you can explore teams’ head-to-head records to decipher who has a home advantage, compare the most recent games and determine whether you can comprise your bet based on this data.


As we have already pointed out, these aren’t ways to win, nor will they necessarily put the odds in your favour. However, having a well-rounded approach and understanding of the argument is better than randomly choosing a team to win. Other team markets include looking at injured players, players just coming back from injury, or suspended players. If a team has better odds of winning a game than you initially thought, there will often be an underlying reason, so it’s best to research beforehand.


As you can see, data and statistics play a huge role in how markets are comprised and how gamblers approach the market. In addition, gambling markets are often a strong indicator of how a game could play out. While there are other factors to look at, data and statistics do play a crucial role in betting markets, and they also play a critical role at other levels, with managers and players often using this information to form strategies and tactics against their opposition.



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