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Tips for Starting a Blog


Who would have thought that blogging has now become one of the most popular professions? How not, many successful bloggers are able to make ends meet only through a blog. This time we will discuss the world of blogging and of course share tips on how to start a blog to become a successful blogger. Now that the era is all digital, websites and social media almost every day are never separated in our daily lives. You can find out more on bloglingo.com.


A blog or web log is a website that usually contains personal writings, photos, and videos which can then be accessed by many people via the internet. Usually, those who like to write make blogs as a place to shed their expressions in the field of writing. Blogs have several types, so you don’t get confused about what type of blog you will create, consider the following 5 types of blogs.

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Personal Blog

The first type of blog is a personal blog, this personal blog is a blog that usually contains writings of a personal nature. Blog owners usually share personal experiences or about daily life and make this blog like a diary but in digital form. For those who have a hobby of writing, this blog is usually a favorite place to share various inspirations and words that are on their minds. The topics discussed are also usually random, not discussing one clear topic.


Authority Blog

This type of blog is very different from a personal blog. If their personal blog is usually not that serious, they just write what they want to fill their spare time. In contrast to authority blogs that are made seriously to master a topic of discussion. In accordance with the purpose of this type of blog, which is to become an authority on a topic, the content created must also be complete. To get good traffic, this type of blog does not only rely on search engines but also use social media to bring in traffic. Usually, they share content links to various social media, usually Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. That way the traffic that comes depends on the search engines only.

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Niche Blogs

The next type of blog is a niche blog. This niche blog usually focuses on keywords in the content created. Blog owners usually do research first, such as using the Google Keyword Planner Tool to determine what keywords are right for the content. After the content is created, it is not left alone but optimization is carried out so that the content is ranked first in search engines. Because the focus of this type of niche blog is getting good traffic according to keywords in search engines. To strengthen the content so that it ranks first in search engines, blog owners usually look for backlinks. Niche blog owners, not only have to be reliable in creating content but also have to be supported by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) capabilities so that the content stays on the first page of search engines.

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Company Blog

The company’s website now does not only contain the products sold or the history of the company. Now the company’s website inserts one page, namely the blog. Company blogs help increase traffic to company websites. This company blog can contain tips and tricks about things that are still related to the products sold by the company and other informative content. With this company blog, it can be a source of visitors to the company’s website which is expected to increase awareness of the products being sold.


Spam Blog

The next type of blog is a spam blog. As the name suggests, this blog contains content taken from other people’s blogs. Usually, the owner of this type of blog uses software so that the blog is filled with content automatically. But of course, this type of blog is usually very vulnerable to being banned by Google because they usually get reports from blog owners whose content has been stolen. Spam blogs are also likely to appear in search engines is very small.

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Building an online persona is not an easy matter. Fortunately, in this online era, social media already exists. This platform makes it easy for anyone who wants to perfect their online persona on the internet. Having a social media account means opening up wider opportunities for user engagement. You can share new articles, plans for future articles, and articles that have been updated with the latest information.


Facebook and Twitter are examples of social media with very large followers. In addition to building friendships with blog readers, you can also ask for feedback from them. This way, you will also know what they are really experiencing and feeling. Social media is also a powerful marketing strategy because it can attract new readers or visitors. If your content is useful, they will not hesitate to share it through social media channels. Gradually, the blog will grow and the opportunity to make money is also wide open.

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