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Why Should You Choose a Cloud Server when Creating a Website?


When you want to create a website that can be accessed online, then of course you need hosting and a domain. However, there is actually a more powerful technology for building websites, namely VPS. This technology has the ability to make your website faster, and can serve more online users than regular shared hosting.


It doesn’t stop there, if a VPS is able to make your website performance better, then there is even more sophisticated technology. The latest technology is cloud server or often also called Cloud VPS.


Actually, the way VPS and Cloud Server work are almost the same, but there are some differences that make Cloud Server better. That is, if you use a Cloud Server, the performance of the website you create will be better than when using a regular VPS or shared hosting. So that you understand it better, we will discuss the features of the Cloud Server and the reasons why you should choose this type of server.


Reasons Why Choose Cloud Server Over Regular VPS

As said before that if you want to build a website, then you can use Shared Hosting. Or, if your website is large and needs to accommodate more visitors, then please use a VPS so that website performance can be faster.


However, if you want the performance of your website to be even better, then please use a Cloud Server or Cloud VPS. This technology will make your website performance better than if you use a traditional VPS or shared hosting.


What is Cloud Server?

Cloud Server technology or Cloud VPS is different from the usual VPS technology or shared hosting. Cloud Server technology allows multiple servers to be combined as storage and virtual CPUs. In other words, this Cloud Server technology has no specification limits and you can easily increase storage (Disk), memory (RAM), and processor (CPU) when needed. This is of course different from a regular VPS which has storage, memory, and processor limitations. In the traditional VPS packages provided, the storage capacity, RAM, and CPU that can be selected have also been determined. In fact, after you buy the traditional VPS package, you will not be able to increase storage, RAM, and CPU but have to buy a higher package.


When you buy a higher package, all of the CPU, RAM, and Storage will be added, even if you really only want to add RAM or CPU. This of course makes the price more expensive because they have to pay for other resources that are not really needed. As for Cloud VPS, you can freely determine how much storage capacity, RAM, and CPU you want separately. In fact, after you’ve built a website with Cloud Server and suddenly want to add RAM, CPU, or storage, then this can be done very easily and separately.


If you want to increase CPU performance, then you can add CPU only. Or if you want to add RAM, then just add RAM. Likewise, if you feel that storage is lacking, then just increase the storage capacity. That way, the price will be more efficient because there is no need to add other resources that are not needed.


Advantages of Cloud Server over Traditional VPS

In addition to the flexibility in determining these resources, there are several other advantages that Cloud Server has. Here are some of the advantages possessed by Cloud Server that you can make the reason why you should choose this server service.


Almost unlimited flexibility to determine the size of resources such as storage, RAM, and CPU that you want to use.

Allows for instant resource upgrades, sometimes without even requiring a reboot.

Significantly better redundancy.

Storage using high-speed SSD.

Full control over your server.


With these several advantages, it should be taken into consideration when choosing to use a Cloud Server over traditional VPS or shared hosting. Regarding the price, although Cloud Server is superior to traditional VPS, the price is not much different.


However, it should be understood that just like a regular VPS, you must also have the ability to manage a Linux server when you want to use a Cloud Server. This is because the use of Cloud Server is different from shared hosting.


On the Cloud Server, you have to manage and manage the server yourself, starting from choosing the operating system, installing the webserver, and installing other required applications. Until you have to manage the security of your website yourself so that it is not easy to be broken into by irresponsible people. So, when you decide to use a Cloud Server, your job is not only to upload files and databases to the hosting but also to manage the server from the start until it is ready to be used safely.


That’s a brief explanation of Cloud Server or Cloud VPS and its advantages which are the reasons why you should use this server service.


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