September 13

Writing a thesis


This process consists of several stages:

  • Goal setting;
  • Formulation of work tasks;
  • Directly writing the work;
  • Her protection.

In general, the goals of writing a thesis are:

  • Confirmation of a high level of theoretical knowledge, as well as the ability to successfully apply them in practice;
  • Able to formulate current problems, and set goals and objectives of research to find ways to solve them;
  • Skills to identify the main structural issues and logically connect them;
  • Ability to work with literature sources, and factual data, and analyze information in terms of domestic and foreign experience;
  • Skills to formulate their judgments, and conclusions, and provide recommendations.

To avoid doubts about whether the set goals have been achieved during the performance, you can order a thesis.

The main tasks of writing a thesis are:

  • Consolidation of knowledge and practical skills acquired by the student during training;
  • Development of skills and abilities to independently conduct research work.
  • Acquisition of skills to substantiate the found solutions to specific problems.
  • Assessment of the student’s level of preparation, his ability to analyze and teach the material, argue his own opinion, and implement recommendations in practice.

Writing a thesis is a complex and time-consuming process, so sometimes the best solution is to order a thesis. This work is a generalized presentation of certain results and conclusions that the student puts forward for public defense. This is a certain contribution of the author to science and practice.

A Master’s thesis is an important stage of training a specialist, which completes his studies. The student must show their level of training in the chosen specialty, as well as erudition, propensity for creative thinking, and the ability to independently seek solutions to specific problems. Deciding to order a thesis from us, you can be sure that it will meet all the requirements.

The thesis is written based on theoretical knowledge, as well as information obtained during research and industrial practice. The student must demonstrate their views, draw conclusions and offer practical recommendations, the implementation of which will solve the identified problem.

The thesis defense is the final stage of work on it. You need to get a positive response from the supervisor, as well as two reviews from professionals, and approve the work in the department. After that, the work is admitted to the defense, which is held at an open meeting of the examination commission. Mandatory presence of the chairman and half of the commission.

The economic part of the thesis – [Just about the main thing]

For students of financial and economic and part of technical faculties, in the framework of scientific research, the practical part of the thesis will be required. This is one of the most difficult aspects, as it involves calculations, graphs, indicators, and schematic information. How not to miss the main thing? Let’s try to figure it out.

The economic part of the thesis and its specifics

The economic part of the research is regarded as the practical part of the thesis. Features are determined by the choice of topic and the discipline itself. The purpose of writing is to demonstrate how a student can apply their knowledge to optimize production, improve financial performance, simplify processes in practice, and increase real profits.

You can find a complete guide to writing a thesis in our article “How to write a thesis: Tips from professionals”

Ask senior students how to write the economic part and be sure to check out successful examples of design on similar topics

The second part of the thesis project is written taking into account the following principles:

  • The economic part is inextricably linked with the theoretical chapter.
  • Real data is always the basis for execution.
  • Methods are used that can provide the most accurate and truthful results.

For each problem identified in the course of the study, the author should offer his vision of its solution. For example, if the profit indicators of the organization are low, in the conclusions the student concretizes the way to improve work – reducing the cost, increasing the turnover, etc.

The competent visual design of the work – diagrams, drawings, diagrams, tables, graphs.

The practical part of the thesis

The accuracy and correctness of this section of the diploma allow you to cover the shortcomings of the theoretical part if any appear on the defense

An easy way to write the second section is to use an example from last year’s work. Be sure to substitute your business data and rewrite the analysis with conclusions. Otherwise, you will have problems with plagiarism


Summing up, we can highlight some universal rules on how to write an economic section of a thesis:

  • Take the primary documentation of the enterprise.
  • Analyze the main indicators of its activity in the market
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the functioning

Highlight the main problems, the solution of which will be devoted to the third section of the diploma project. To simplify your task, you can take any work from the past year or from student paper writing service as a basis. Ask a Methodist or your Research Scientist. Then plug in your data and rewrite the analysis.



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