March 15

A checklist for driving to France from the UK


Travelling to France from the UK is an exciting experience and around 17 million brits visit France each year. If you have never driven to France from the UK, there are some important points to remember, here is our checklist for driving from Britain to France.


Things to do before your trip


Check the driving laws of France, the French law states:


  • Drivers must be a minimum of 18 years of age- this is different from the UK’s minimum age of 17
  • Drivers from the United Kingdom must display a “UK” sticker on their vehicle
  • SatNav and GPS systems which detect where speed cameras are located are illegal in France
  • It is illegal for children under the age of 10 to sit in the front of a car
  • UK drivers must bring proof of their car insurance with them
  • Drivers must have a reflective triangle and reflective jacket in case they breakdown, without these drivers face a fine of 90 Euros
  • Drivers in France drive on the right side of the road


Make sure your car is fit to drive long distances, to avoid breaking down in France.


  • Have your car serviced before your trip- as this will detect if there are any issues with the engine or parts of the vehicle beforehand.
  • Check your oil levels before you set off for your trip.


Things to remember during your trip


  • If you have an electric car, make sure you have an application on your smartphone which locates the nearest charging stations- as this will make it much easier for you to find charging stations if your charge becomes low whilst travelling.
  • If possible take the driving in turns with someone, this should prevent fatigue whilst driving. Driving whilst feeling tired or fatigued is very dangerous and it can cause serious accidents.
  • Stick to the speed limit in Frances, forget about UK speed limits as they do not apply in France.
  • Road signs may be different in France to the road signs in the UK- be vigilant and observant of road signs.
  • Have money ready for toll roads.


Things to remember on your return home


  • Prepare to pay for any toll roads you may approach when you are back in the UK.
  • Remember to drive on the left when you get back on UK roads.
  • Remember to bring legal documents back with you, as they will be checked at the Euro Tunnel on approach to the UK.
  • Do not smuggle any illegal goods from France to the UK- your car will be checked before you enter the UK.
  • Remember to abide by UK road laws on your return.
  • Expect traffic on approach to the UK- allow lots of time for your journey.


Final thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our checklist on things to remember for travelling to France from the UK. There are lots of things to remember for your journey, but as long as you plan your journey and you are aware of the driving rules and France, you will have a relatively hassle free journey. At Exchange My Car we help customers to and we also offer a unique part exchange service, which is ideal for those who are looking for a new car to use in their travels to France.



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